Tokebi v9000

Tokebi Platinum

Tokebi Platinum

Tokebi v9000


The most advanced design and product power in the
hand blender products,which will add life to your kitchen.



The winner of world design awards


We have grasped both the functionality
and design in this product.

Having the outward appearance, which is an elegant silhouette derived from traditional Korean hand mill, it was awarded a winner of the world’s top 3 design awards (Red Dot, IF, and SPARK), receiving recognition from the world. The design is a simple and luxurious line, taking into consideration the best grip feel.




Cube Box, which adds more
convenience to the users

First, the products can be stored hygienically without having to worry about dusts, and the spare blades and blade remover can also be stored in the Cube Box, so there is no need to worry about losing them.

U-tray can be attached and detached,
so it can be used while using the blender.


Strong AC Motor

The 22,000RPM motor power rotates the blade rapidly in a short time to make cooking more efficient and fast.

Safeness of the product

An AI temperature sensor is attached to the power motor,
so if the motor exceeds its capacity, or is used for a long time making it hard on the motor, the sensor activates automatically and blocks the power supply making it safe to use.

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